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250 Rajasthan Cops Go On Mass Leave Over Rumors Of Pay Cuts

Published on 18 October, 2017 at 3:42 pm By

Rajasthan Police was up in arms on Monday with over 250 cops deciding to go on a mass leave over rumors of a deduction in their pay scale, something apparently recommended in the 7th pay commission. Some of the protesting policemen even refused to pay a Guard of Honor to the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during his trip to Jodhpur. However, the state police commissionerate was swift in bringing replacements for the ceremony, which had Rajnath Singh in the Blue City to inaugurate the West Zone Regional Training Center of IB.

The seventh pay commission is scheduled to be implemented starting from October The Indian Express


In a media interaction, Jodhpur Police Commissioner Ashok Rathore said:

Over 250 policemen, including about 165-odd policemen from police lines, went on mass leave on Monday. Some of these policemen were posted for the ceremonial Guard of Honour but they did not turn up and were replaced.

It is incorrect that he had to be accorded a Guard of Honor at the airport by the policemen; which may be accorded by the air-force personnel. Technically, dignitaries are accorded a Guard of Honor at their place of stay or at the venue. So the Minister was accorded a ceremonial Guard of Honor at the venue.

Some of the policemen also showed various other methods of protest against the suspected pay cut by shaving off their heads and even boycotting food offered in the office mess.

Speaking about the alleged, one of the protesting policeman, on the condition of anonymity said:

Some policemen from the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) received less salary owing to the pay cut earlier this month. After protest, they were repaid the money which was deducted from them.

He added that this made several other policemen suspect that an order for the pay cut will be released soon:


We haven’t received any assurance from the government that our salary won’t be reduced. We demand an immediate order be released to assure us. More than a lakh cops in the state are currently protesting.

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