Andaman’s Beloved Swimming Elephant Rajan, May You Rest In Peace

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4:11 pm 3 Aug, 2016


India’s legendary elephant Rajan, with whom tourists could swim in the ocean of Andaman Islands, has passed away.

Rajan, who was 66-years-old, was the star attraction of Havelock Island’s Barefoot Resort and had even appeared in a Hollywood movie – The Fall.




The owner of the Barefoot Resort had found Rajan sick and abandoned back in 2004.

Rajan was left behind by his previous owner as he could not afford to ship him to a nearby Island for a film shoot.

The resort owner immediately took him under his care and nursed him back to health.


Rajan became famous back in 2006 when Hollywood Movie – The Fall premiered and featured Rajan swimming under water.

Rajan was then set to be sold to a temple in Kerala, but the owner of Barefoot Resort could not bare to part with him and went on to raise enough funds so as to keep the beloved jumbo.

Rajan, since then went on to become a mascot for the island and was often seen flashing his swimming skills for the cameras.

The feat earned him his keep and over the years he even featured in many videos and photos, which went viral on social media.



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