15 Signs You Are Raising A Smart Kid

Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 5:17 pm


Every mother looks at her baby as the next Einstein or someone to replace his name as a great scientist.  Apart from this partiality emerging out of your unconditional love for your child, your child may give out certain signals or show signs of being extremely smart at times. Smart is not the score on the marks card of your child though that is the criteria for many parents.

If your child shows even 6 of the 15 signs mentioned below, you can be assured of raising a smart kid.

15. It is not just about the IQ, your child displays great level of EQ (emotional quotient) as well and is happy most of the time

14. You jump for joy every time you receive a call from your child’s school….

13. Your child loves creative and interactive games

12. Unfortunately a smart child finds no one smart enough to be friends with

11. Is in love with science formulas and math problems

10. Instead of cookies, your kid is stealing your books to read

9. Is not hooked up to the idiot box watching idiot programs for major part of the day, instead prefers information through written source

8. The person who asked a tough question to your kid is left speechless

7. Looks down upon the calculator as a useless tool

6. Can tell you the specific functions of every gadget you have at home, be it old or the latest one you bought but have no clue how to operate it

5. Your walls are filled with contemporary art, at times hard to understand but always easy to love

4. You are scared that he/she will build a robot friend secretly

3. Can express emotions well through words and body language

2. Is good is giving commands and seeing to it that they are obeyed

1. Teachers are afraid of the questions your child may ask, especially during classroom hours