10 Infuriating Situations That Passengers Face While Waiting On Railway Platforms

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4:00 pm 7 May, 2015


The Indian Railways is a nerve center of this country, so it is not surprising that it manages to get on our nerves from time to time. Despite many improvements, a lot still needs to be done to ensure that passengers don’t feel like they’re in hell.

1. Trying to find somewhere to sit

Even though the platform will be a pretty large place, there will only be a token number of benches. No matter how early you reach, these will already be occupied, along with any cemented frames around pillars, wall sills, stairs and even the floor. Your only option: keep standing or lean against something.


2. Facing the weather head on


Since trains are often late, you end up waiting on the platforms, which are ill-equipped to keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. In summer, the space under the few fans is never free, so you sweat till your train finally arrives. In winter, you end up freezing and trying to hide between other passengers.


3. People trying to use your luggage as a seat

If your luggage was sturdy enough, you’d probably have parked your ass on it before a stranger had any chance to. Yet, someone will all of a sudden plonk down on your suitcase and look extremely upset if you tell them that they can’t sit on it. You explain you have fragile things in it but they don’t care.


4. Buying eatables with luggage in tow

You thought you’d buy water and something to eat on the platform, but you forgot all about the crowds and your baggage. Maneuvering your way through the crowds while dragging bags/suitcase behind you and then waiting at the shop till you get your stuff and head back with everything is a weary task.


5. Somehow your stuff gets messy

Platforms are filthy places. People piss and spit and throw things around like they’ve paid extra for those privileges. If you made the mistake of wearing designer clothes or carrying designer baggage, then you’d better be on guard all the times, or your expensive stuff will be ruined in a few minutes.


6. Strangers asking personal questions

It’s going to be a long wait so passengers nearby start talking to you, but not about religion, movies or the weather. They want to know the intimate details of your life. After half an hour, you can’t keep your story straight because you’ve forgotten your fake name, your fake’s spouse’s profession, etc.


7. Facts hitting you later than they should

So you bought the bottle of water but as soon as you unscrew the cap, you remember seeing on the news how that water is not really of drinking quality. You giggled about carrying your small bag through without a security check but suddenly wonder what else managed to avoid the security check as well.


8. Hating the ones you’re waiting to receive

As it is, reaching early to pick someone up is a chore; if the train happens to be late, you really don’t know if you should head back or keep waiting. If you do keep waiting, by the time the person/people arrive, you’ve reminded yourself of how awful they are and how you wish you didn’t know them.


9. Watching people fight to board a train

While you’re waiting for your train, you’ll see others boarding theirs. But if you’re truly unlucky, you’ll see people boarding a second class compartment. It’ll be stuffed to the rafters and people will still try getting on. There’ll be shoving and abuses, and suddenly you hate the Railways and all of humanity.


10. People hitting on you

Waiting on a platform is not romantic, no matter what Bollywood tries to teach us. In such a situation, even if Shraddha Kapoor or Ranveer Singh approached you, you’re likely to tell her/him to leave you alone. So it’s annoying when people try and hit on you when you’re praying for your train or death to arrive.




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