Former CEO Rahul Yadav Asks On FB If He Should Take Up A ‘Simple Job’

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2:18 pm 14 May, 2016


On May 13, Yadav again posted this asking his friends and followers if he should leave entrepreneurship altogether.


For the past two odd days, Rahul Yadav, the co-founder of and the protagonist of one of the biggest start-up scandals of the country, has been putting up strange questions on Facebook.

On May 10, Yadav posted this:

He was referring to his new venture Intelligent Interfaces. The company was to work in the areas of data aggregation and visualization for Indian government. It had received support from some of the biggest names in Indian start-up scene, including Flipkart’s Bansals.

The company was hailed as the next big thing that would help eradicate the “big problems”.


A Business Insider report says that documents accessed by Inc42, the company raised some Rs.3.1 crores at a valuation of Rs.170 crores, while some reports pegged that figure at millions.

Yet eventually, this is perhaps what became of it.




The next day, on May 11, Yadav defended himself against a report that alleged he spent money on a trip while explaining why his latest venture is struggling.

In doing so, he squarely blamed journalists for all of India’s miseries.

Whatever may be the fate of Intelligent Interfaces, Yadav still hogs the spotlight for one reason or the other. In fact it is this excessive attention given to Yadav that was criticized by Sumanth Raghvendra in a post on Inc42. Perhaps that might have pissed Yadav real bad. That and the failure of his two ventures.



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