Rahul Introduces His Pet Pidi And Twitterati Created A Meme Sensation Inspired From ‘Padman’

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5:51 pm 31 Oct, 2017


Rahul Gandhi doesn’t need to crack a joke to make people laugh because he is the joke itself. Everything he does, right or wrong, is entertainment. Especially, the way he tweets. Reading his tweets once in a while can take away all the gloominess of your life.



Very recently, Rahul Gandhi tweeted his smartest tweet. He introduced his Twitter manager in a way we had never imagined. Full marks to his wittiness.

This is what he had tweeted:


But no matter what Rahul Gandhi tweets, people “treat” him in the same way. However, they were more creative this time. They photoshopped the poster of ‘Padman’ and depicted a true story.



Well, they created some more.


That is all he does.


That is all he gets.




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