This Is What Rahul Gandhi Answered To Boxer Vijender Singh’s Question Of His Marriage Plans

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4:38 pm 27 Oct, 2017


Rahul Gandhi is often asked about his plans on getting married but there hasn’t been any clear-cut answer from him on this question so far. The issue was raised to him publicly yet again when India’s internationally renowned boxer Vijender Singh asked him if he plans to get married after becoming the Prime Minister of the country.


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On Thursday, Congress vice-president was present at 112th annual session and PHD Annual Awards for Excellence 2017 organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce in Delhi. India’s first ever boxer to win an Olympics medal, Vijender Singh was present at the event in the audience and asked Gandhi two questions.



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First, Vijender Singh said that he has never seen any Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly playing any sport. He went on to say that he has seen a number of them cutting ribbons, while a number of celebrities have been seen playing on the grounds, but not politicians. He then asked Rahul about his thoughts on sports development if he becomes the Prime Minister of the country.


Rahul Gandhi at PHD Annual Awards for Excellence 2017  Twitter

Then he went on to say that he and his wife often discuss about when Rahul Gandhi is going to get married. He also said that everybody is waiting for it to happen and it will be quite something if he marries after becoming the PM.


Vijender Singh asks Rahul Gandhi about his plans for marriage Twitter

To this Rahul Gandhi replied that the question about his marriage is quite an old one. After Vijender Singh insisted him to respond, he said that he believes in destiny and it will happen when it’s meant to happen.


Rahul Gandhi responds to Vijender Singh’s question Twitter

Gandhi then went on to talk about the boxer’s first question and said that he is not included in the politicians who don’t play sports. He revealed that he is quite an active sportsperson because he exercises, swims, runs and is a black belt in aikido. He said that he doesn’t talk about it publicly but spends at least one hour every day exercising or playing. However, he hasn’t been able to do it in that last three to four months.

Upon Vijender Singh insisting him to put some videos of his sports activities online, the politician promised to do so. Here is the video of the entire conversation between the two: