Rahul Gandhi Slams PM For Not Providing Promised 2 Crore Jobs, Online Trolls Attacked Him For ‘Mathematical Blunder’

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Time and again, Rahul Gandhi, the vice-president of the Indian National Congress Party, becomes the attention of media for saying or doing something. What can easily be a difference of perspective when he backed his speech with some quick mathematics and stats, online trolls interpreted differently. Thus creating a social media cry over his ability to do math.

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister and the current situation of employment in the country, he shared an instance while speaking at the Kisan Aakrosh Rally. He said that on inquiring how many people got jobs out of 2 crore promised opportunities for employment, it was found that the numbers are less than 1 lakh which means that even 1 lakh people could not benefit.


Rahul Gandhi was speaking at the Kisan Aakrosh Rally in Banswara (Rajasthan) on July 19. Emotionally charged and overcome with anger, he said,

Humne Parliament mein poocha, Pradhan mantriji ne bola sarkar 2 crore logon ko rojgaar degi, bataiye pichle saal kitne logon ko rojgaar mila? Aap jaante hain jawab kya mila? 1 lakh se kum. Matlab poore desh mein ek lakh logon ko rojgaar nahi mila.”

The Prime Minister promised 2 crore jobs. When I asked in parliament how many people have found jobs under your government, guess the answer I got? Less than 1 lakh people. This means in whole India, one lakh people haven’t found jobs.

Indeed the concluding statement seems a little ambiguous. He might have meant that the government couldn’t even touch the mark of 1 lakh. Echoing the sentiments that one of the most populous countries in the world couldn’t even cater to the employment needs of merely 1 lakh people.

People doubted Rahul’s mathematical quotient and assumed that he subtracted 1 lakh from 2 crores to get the figure of 1 lakh. Twitterati did not leave this chance to make fun of him and came up with brutal jokes.