Rahul Gandhi’s Comment That Coca-Cola Was Invented By A ‘Shikanji’ Seller Made Twitterati Burst Into Laughter

4:48 pm 11 Jun, 2018


It has been long since any good days came for President of Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi. Always the core of jokes, this politician is back with his latest episode. Wondering what he did now? Well, during one of his speeches, he presented the audience with an incredibly unbelievable fact that obviously was wrong. He went to share his secret ‘insight’ about inventor of the drink Coca-Cola.

This is not the first time the ‘Prince’ of Gandhi family has found himself in the middle of the controversy. Just a few days back he was trolled when one of his videos resurfaced where it was speculated that he was under the influence of drugs. Watch the video here:


As for the recent controversy Rahul Gandhi actually uttered these words during a speech:

‘Coca-Cola company ko shuru karne wala ek shikanji bechne wala vyakti tha.’

(The person who started Coca-Cola used to sell ‘Shikanji.’)


The video was posted by news agency ANI. Watch it here:


Without wasting any time, Twitterati got down to their work of trolling. From calling him a mode of ‘entertainment’ to questioning his intelligence, netizens came up with all sorts of comments. Here are some:















In fact, Coca-Cola was actually invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton as a soda-fountain drink. It was originally intended as a patent medicine.




Being the leader of the largest opposition party in India, is Rahul Gandhi really that uninformed?

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