Today Pappu Gandhi Got Trolled On Twitter With #PappuNahinSmartBano

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:52 pm

Rentmojo, a company providing furniture and appliances on rent, started hashtag  this morning. This was of course, a marketing gimmick to promote itself.

No wonder, Pappu made Twitterati go crazy over the trend!

So, for the first time, RaGa was officially trending on Twitter proclaiming loud and clear – PAPPU NAHIN SMART BANO.


PROOF- Rahul is good in Maths!


‘Young at heart’ Rahul loves POGO for a reason!


Food for thought!


Umm.. That’s tough!


Come on! When Bangalore can fine people of not wearing helmets in car, then WHY NOT!


Poor boy, he’s got too many haters!


After Kapil going off-air, his speech is our only laughter dose. Let him!


Keju, he’s a rich bwoy!


Pappu’s got Google empowerment!


See, Pappu is also smart!


But we don’t want RaGa to leave anyway. In this dirty politics, he’s making us laugh like no one else.


Waah Pappu!

Jahaan Jaata Hai Chaa Jaata Hai!!