Rahul Gandhi Promises To End Drug Problem In Punjab If Voted Back To Power

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4:45 pm 13 Jun, 2016


Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who was in Punjab to join the protest against drug menace, accused the Akali Dal-led government of encouraging the illegal trade of drugs in the state.


He further said that the police needs to be given a free hand and once that’s done, the business of drugs can be ended.


The vice president added that if Congress is voted back to power in Punjab, they will end the problem in one month.

Further, taking a jibe at censoring movie Udta Punjab, Gandhi said the government doesn’t want to accept the reality.


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which won all its four Lok Sabha seats from Punjab in 2014, had earlier attacked Congress for not addressing Punjab’s drug issue when the party was in power for 10 years till 2014.