Rahul Gandhi’s “Selfie Moment” With A Girl During Bharuch Road Show Sends Media Into Frenzy

12:45 pm 2 Nov, 2017


It’s a an exciting moment to be present and see celebrities and politicians participate in any event or function. But it’s an absolutely different thing to meet the favorite celebrity and click a selfie with him/her. It definitely was one such moment for this young girl, who broke all barriers to meet and greet Rahul Gandhi, her favorite politician. She even got to click a selfie with her dream hero. On being made public on social media, the video did not take much time to go viral.

It’s selfie time for Rahul Gandhi The Indian Express

As we know, Rahul Gandhi is in Gujarat campaigning for his party right for the Assembly Elections, which is just a month away. Yesterday, he was in Bharuch for the third leg of the ‘Navsarjan Yatra’, where he was greeted by a huge crowd.

The girl managed to get atop the matador and click selfie with the Congress Vice President NDTV

Although Gandhi was has been travelling in a high security bus, during the road show he was greeting and waving  to thousands of people who had gathered to have a glimpse of him from an open roof matador. The police was facing a hard time in keeping the supporters away.

Rshul Gandhi waving at the gathering from his matador The Financial Express

In all this crowding, jostling and pushing, a college girl managed to climb the Congress Vice President’s matador and gift a small bouquet to him. As if it was not enough, she also clicked some selfies with him, which the VP gladly obliged to. However, it is still unsure as to how the girl managed to get past a tight security cordon and climb on to the matador. This was a matter of concern, query and ridicule on Twitter for many.

As the video of that incident went viral, comments poured in by the hundreds – some of them lauding the effort while most of the users trolling it. Here’s a glimpse of what Twitter thinks of this fan-girl moment for the college student:

Ahem! These guys think, at the end of the day, her vote will go to BJP. What do you think?

One selfie and a chunk of Twitter goes against RaGa for being an “employment agent” of China. Well?


Scripted? Might be so!

Point to be noted:

Meanwhile, there were some people who lauded Rahul for being people’s leader. Do you agree?

This guy seems to have a genuine concern. We can’t help but agree with it! Rajiv Gandhi’s death was surely a tragic incident!

What do you make out of this video? Do you think it was scripted or just spontaneous? Please let us know your opinion in the comments section below.