Is Rahul Gandhi On Drugs? This Viral Video Raises Questions In Minds Of Netizens

2:18 pm 7 Jun, 2018


Politicians often become the butt-of-the-jokes across the globe. Not to forget, in each country people focus their attention on a certain person who gives materials for the best jokes possible. Any guesses who is that person in our country? If you are muttering Rahul Gandhi, then you are absolutely spot on. The President of Indian National Congress often finds himself at the core of the numerous creative jokes curated by the netizens.

From his pre-election interviews to guest lectures, he often becomes target for many. Not to forget, he has been part of many controversies too. Being ‘lovingly’ called Pappu, here are some of the memes collected from the internet for you to enjoy before we fill you up with the details of his new controversy.




Poor souls!


Still a kid at heart and… mind?



When you choose the wrong career due to family pressure.



The nation wants to know!



Manjinder S Sirsa, National spokesperson Shiromani Akali Dal, tweeted a video of Rahul Gandhi standing in a queue. In this video, he looks visibly isolated and unmindful of his surroundings. As the video follows, it seems Rahul Gandhi is tearing up some papers and putting them in the pocket of the person standing next to him. Sirsa posted the video with the caption:

‘The person who was defaming 70% of Punjab’s youth as drug addicts are looking like one himself. He is not eligible to be a Prime Minister but someone who should get admitted to a rehabilitation center.’

Here’s the tweet:


Just a minute later, founder of Postcard News Mahesh Vikram Hegde posted the same video with a similar caption. Here’s what he tweeted:


Naturally, Twitterati backed this suspension and started commenting. Some also said that he is not a fit for opposition leader. Here are the tweets:











What do you think?

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