Rahul Gandhi Hugs And Winks At PM Modi, Twitterati Had A Field Day With Hilarious Memes

3:27 pm 20 Jul, 2018


Indian political circle will never be the same as on July 20 it witnessed  something unexpected happening inside the premises of parliament. Congress President Rahul Gandhi hugged PM Modi and left everyone surprised. He further created havoc as he started poring out the heavy details of his meeting with the French President.

While everybody listened to the very energetic Gandhi with full attention, there were moments of heavy laughter, intense criticism and praise for the Congress President.



“Everybody understands and sees the amount of money which goes into the marketing of the Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister can’t look at me in the eye. I can see he (PM Modi) is smiling but there is a touch of nervousness. And now he cannot look me in the eye.”


As the opposing party started passing comments on him, Rahul in all his energy continued, “You think I hate the prime minister, but I am grateful to BJP, Modi and RSS. They made me understand the meaning of Congress. They made me understand the meaning of ‘Hindustani’. This Modi, and BJP-RSS has made me realise. You have made me understand the meaning of being a Hindu. I am ‘Pappu‘ for you, but I have no hatred against you.”


The social media is already flooded with tweets and memes on the ‘bhukamp’ speech of Rahul Gandhi, and people are especially liking his ‘pappu’ comment. Take a look at everything interesting we just found on twitter!

People are talking about Rahul Gandhi’s cheap wink! But before that, checkout #thehug moment!