Rahul Gandhi’s Comment On Michelle Obama Is So Weird Twitterati Thinks He Is Fit For Comedy

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10:07 pm 7 Mar, 2017


Twitterati knew something was wrong when Rahul Gandhi told a rally on February 8 that he wishes to see Barack Obama buy a bed sheet with the mark ‘Made in Uttar Pradesh’ on it. What he meant was that he wanted the US President, too, to be impressed by what the state produces.

The problem is that he forgot that the Obama is no longer the US President. He, obviously, got trolled for that.



But it appears that no one told the Gandhi scion that he goofed up his general knowledge. On a serious note, that is scary because thanks to dynasty politics this guy will become India’s prime minister one day.

The Congress vice president turned an otherwise boring day for many into a hilarious one today at Jaunpur by making this insensitive comment on Michelle Obama.


“Obama’s wife Michelle should see ‘Made in Jaunpur’ written on the utensils in which she cooks in her kitchen.”

Rahul appears to be very innocent or else he would not have imagined that Michelle Obama has nothing better to do than cook.

Anyway, his remark was entertaining for the world of Twitter:


This guy actually makes an interesting observation; Rahul is truly obsessed with the Obamas.