Rahul Gandhi Met PM Modi To Discuss About Demonetization And Twitter Got Another Reason To Laugh It Off

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:08 pm

The year 2016 has been a revolutionary year for the Indian economy. The overnight demonetization move by the BJP government came as a huge surprise and moreover, its consequences have been equally surprising, rather shocking. The initiative was planned to help poor and shame the black money frauds but things happened otherwise. The poor have suffered massively while the riches live unaffected.

Since the time the demonetization schemes have been implemented, BJP has received severe criticism from his opposition parties for obvious reasons. To top it all, it is Rahul Gandhi who is making strong statements against this move and called it a “man-made disaster”. So, to bury the differences over demonetization, Rahul and his party members met PM Modi.

A picture of their meeting was shared by the PMO on Twitter. From the picture, it seemed like an open-discussion, hopefully, it will prove beneficial to further strengthen demonetization schemes.

This is what they shared:

We also know that Twitter is a playground of memes and all of that. They waited no time to viral this picture, giving their funny captions just like they always do:






Well, Twitter won’t change but I hope the effects of demonetization will.