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Rahul Gandhi’s V-Day Gift Is A Kiss. But, There’s A Twist!

Published on 15 February, 2019 at 2:49 pm By

Yes, the title is surprising and no we are not kidding. Presently, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has devoted his heart and soul into the election campaign. Regarding the same, he visited Gujarat and conducted a rally on 14 February. He was there to address a ‘Jan Aakrosh’ rally and strengthen his position for the upcoming 2019 battle. In his speech, he criticized PM Modi and BJP government. Of course!


Amidst the seriousness, one incident arrested the attention of the audience and later the netizens. Wondering what happened? Well, a lady climbed on the stage to give Rahul a peck on the cheek.



WTF! Is this what you are thinking? Chill!!! There is more to this story and after knowing it entirely you will feel that it’s absolutely sweet. Wondering what? For that, you will have to see the video.




Yes, it’s an old lady who gave an affectionate kiss to Rahul Gandhi. It seems absolutely adorable that he got such a gift on the day of love. However, the netizens were too quick to react to this incident. Many people concluded that Rahul deserved a kiss on Valentine’s Day. Naturally, there were others who trolled him.








Still trying to search the twist in the incident? Well, the netizens came up with the idea that the elderly lady was absolutely right in her act of kissing Rahul Gandhi. It seems that the lady felt the same emotion that we feel when we see a cute kid. Check out what they said:






We feel that the video about Rahul Gandhi is more cute than funny. What do you think? Why don’t you share your thoughts in the comments?

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