That Those In Khat Rally Took Cots With Them Raises A Question On Rahul Gandhi’s Leadership Skills

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4:29 pm 6 Sep, 2016

Rahul Gandhi is the vice president of the Congress party and the family loyalists see him as their supreme leader, a prime minister material and whatnot.

It is quite expected of a leader from whom his followers have such high hopes to be something of a general-like figure whose sway and influence would bind the most maverick of people.

So it is surprising that the people on who he is expected to hold sway behave in a manner which directly affronts his image as a leader.

The Gandhi family scion held a ‘khat sabha’ with UP farmers on Tuesday afternoon.

True to the name of the assembly, his party had arranged for around 2000 brand new khats (cots) for seating at the venue in Deoria.


The cots before the start of the sabha. ANI

The cots before the start of the sabha. ANI

Rahul promised loan waivers to farmers plus other promises that political leaders normally make.

Then, after his speech ended, something odd happened – people started fighting over the cots. Many of them simply carried the cots out of the venue on their shoulders.



Not just the cots, those in attendance took away water bottles and food from a stall at the venue.

If this is how Rahul planned his strategy ahead of the UP elections, it sure started on a note that questions his own leadership skills.


That those in attendance were able to walk away with brand new cots and other stuff points to the flaw in the party’s administration of the rally.





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