Rahul Gandhi Called Bangalore A ‘State’ And Tweeple Made #IndiraCanteen Trend

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 6:51 pm

Rahul Gandhi has always been really unfortunate when it comes to giving speeches. There is hardly any speech of RaGa that has trended because of the issue he raised in it. Each and every speech of Rahul Gandhi’s has brought bad luck to him. The Vice President of the Indian National Congress Party is famous for blunders in his speeches, well, what else do you expect from a person whose name appears when you Google ‘Pappu of India’. 😛


Something similar with happened again. Not disappointing people even this time, Rahul Gandhi made two blunders while giving a speech during the launch of Indira Canteen. Talking about the Indira Canteen, Rahul said,

Indira Canteen promises hygienic meals for affordable prices of ₹5 for breakfast and ₹10 for dinner.

The Vice President forgot that he was at the launch of Indira Canteen and not Amma Canteen. Rahul even called Bengaluru a state and made people laugh so bad. Here’s what he said during the speech.

The chief minister has mentioned to me that Bangalore is just the beginning. Soon, over the next couple of months, every single city in Bangalore, every single poor person in every single city in Bangalore will feel that in the state of Karnataka, under Siddaramaiah government, ‘I simply cannot go hungry’. That is the vision of the Amma…Indira Canteen.

Check out the video of his speech here:

Soon the video went viral on Twitter and Tweeple made #IndiraCanteen trend. Here are the funniest reactions RaGa’s video got.