Rahul Gandhi Was Criticized For Calling PM Modi’s Interviewer Pliable, But Twitterati Supported Him

7:05 pm 3 Jan, 2019


After Congress president Rahul Gandhi termed PM Narendra Modi’s interview staged, he was criticized by the National Union of Journalists (India) and BJP for his remarks. Rahul Gandhi Also said that the interview was conducted by a ‘pliable journalist’.

Bhartiya Janta Party demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi, and National Union of Journalists said that it was unbecoming of the Congress president to mock the interviewer.




Smita Prakash, the journalist who conducted the interview called it a ‘cheap shot’. She tweeted:


“Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi, cheap shot at your press conference to attack me. I was asking questions not answering. You want to attack Mr Modi, go ahead but downright absurd to ridicule me. Not expected of a president of the oldest political party in the country.”



During a press conference on 2nd January 2018, Rahul Gandhi told the reporters:


“He does not have the guts to come and sit in front of you. And I am coming here… you can ask me any question… I come here once in seven-ten days… and you saw the Prime Minister’s interview yesterday… matlab pliable journalist, woh question bi kar rahi thi, pradhan mantri ka answer bi de rahi thi, side mein (she was asking questions as well as giving answers).”


National Union of Journalists (India) tweeted:



Twitterati, however, supported the Congress president and agreed that the interview was indeed staged. While replying to Smita Prakash’s tweet, they made all kinds of statements in support of Rahul Gandhi. Take a look at some of the tweets:









What is your take on this? Do you think the interview was scripted or do you support Rahul Gandhi? Tell us in comments!

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