Rahul Gandhi Is A Buddhu, Says Subramanian Swamy

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9:48 am 16 May, 2016

Global news agency AFP has termed firebrand BJP leader Subramanian Swamy as India’s Donald Trump for his straightforward comments on any issue without being afraid of upsetting anyone from the ruling elite to religious minorities.


Subramanian Swamy twitter

In an exclusive interview with AFP, Swamy said that he would maintain his shoot-from-the-hip style that has made him one of India’s most popular, if divisive politicians.

Rahul Gandhi huffingtonpost

Rahul Gandhi huffingtonpost

“You know Donald Trump — I would never have thought that a politician in the US could even get out of the first round (of the presidential primaries) with the kind of bluntness that he has shown,” he said in the interview.

“But people now want to know the truth and I have established that what I say I mean, I mean what I say,” he added.



“People come up to me in air planes and other places and they want to shake hands, take a selfie and say that we like you very much because you tell us the truth,” he said.

The news agency said that the Parliament has given him a new platform to lash out at opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi, whom he has ridiculed as an idiot.

It said the quick-witted Swamy often manages to outsmart the speaker.

“Everyone knows buddhu (a Hindi word meaning idiot) is codeword for Rahul Gandhi but it escaped expunging as the speaker didn’t know what I was saying,” he told AFP.



If you can recall, Swamy has also alleged that Rahul Gandhi was arrested in Boston airport for carrying $1,60,000 cash and holding white powder. He had said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi had met the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who then called up US President George Bush and got Rahul Gandhi released.

According to Swamy’s supporters, he is more than just a parliamentary wag and has a track record of helping expose top-level corruption.



In an article, the author Manu Joseph has also said that Swamy is Trump of India.

“In Trump and Swamy and others of their type, people find an outlet,” Joseph said.