Former Minister Holds Slippers For Rahul Gandhi. Social Media Vents Its Ire.

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7:24 pm 9 Dec, 2015


V Narayanasamy was a MoS with the PMO in the Manmohan Singh-led UPA II government. He was captured on video holding a pair of slippers while Rahul Gandhi was busy taking his shoes off before his tour of the flooded areas in Puducherry.

Narayanasamy is seen submissively placing the slippers for Rahul to wear.





And then he is relegated to the back while Rahul walks ahead.

Though the 68-year-old Congress leader from Tamil Nadu claimed that he offered his chappals, social media held Rahul guilty of insulting a Dalit leader.

However, some also pointed out that it was pure sycophancy at play.





Watch the video and decide whose fault it is.