Raghu Ram’s Ex-Wife Sugandha’s Reaction About His Relationship With Natalie Is As Sweet As Their Divorce News

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12:51 pm 29 Mar, 2018


Two months ago, ‘Roadies’ fame Raghu Ram parted ways with his wife Sugandha Garg and announced the same on social media in a funny yet emotional Instagram post. The two had been married for 12 years and reached the decision of separating happily with mutual agreement as they thought that they were not meant to be partners. In fact, they even made it clear that their divorce will not bring an end to their friendship.




Barely two months after his divorce with Sugandha Garg, Raghu Ram introduced his new lady love to the world in an Instagram post. Posting his picture with his girlfriend Natalie Di Luccio, a Canadian singer, Raghu Ram gave it a heartfelt caption. Take a look at his Instagram post below:



On the very same day, Natalie also posted a picture with Raghu Ram on her Instagram page and captioned it beautifully. Take a look:



Their Instagram posts reveal that the two have been in a relationship for a year, that is, before Raghu’s divorce with Sugandha. This might have sparked curiosity among people about what his ex-wife thinks about Natalie.


Raghu Ram with Sugandha. NDTV


Putting all speculations about Sugandha’s reaction on Raghu’s affair with Natalie to an end, Raghu Ram recently told Mumbai Mirror that the first person to know about Natalie from him was Sugandha. He said,

“Sugandha was the first one to know about Natalie from me. She said that if she had to pick a girl for me it would be her. They’ve had many conversations behind my back. I am sure Sugandha has given some advice on the dos and don’ts with me. She also told me about the mistakes I should avoid making this time.”




Well, this says quite a lot about the friendship and understanding between Raghu Ram and his ex-wife Sugandha! What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below!