BJP Leader Blames Tantrik Tactics For Rahul Gandhi Hugging PM Modi, Twitterati Reacts Hilariously

12:42 pm 25 Jul, 2018


Rahul Gandhi led Indian National Congress (INC or Congress) in cahoots with Telugu Desam Party (TDP) filed a no-confidence motion against the ruling party. The PM Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) took the charges and went through with them. BJP won the elections in 2014 with a clear majority.

Even in the no-confidence motion, they needed 267 votes and won with 325 MPs rejecting the motion.  But what transpired during the discussion on July 20, 2018, is something that will be remembered for long.



During the house meeting, both Congress and BJP engaged in tactful and strategic crossfire on each other. On one hand, Rahul Gandhi went ahead and hugged PM Modi suggesting he only has love for all. On the other hand, PM Modi’s quick response on asking Rahul Gandhi to touch his feet instead, as a sign of respect for elders is also noteworthy.



The speaker rightly took offence in Rahul disrupting the decorum of the house. However, Rahul’s actions still became the talk of the nation. While those belonging to Congress camp can’t stop raving about how Rahul did a bang up job. People from the BJP camp can’t stop gushing about their win and the dent they made in INC’s reputation.



While the ‘hug-drama’ still had the nation interested, some new information has come to light. A leader from BJP camp has accused Rahul Gandhi of hugging PM Modi on the directions of a tantrik. We swear this keeps getting more interesting by the minute.

BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga tweeted about the hug being a tantrik ritual to make Rahul the next PM. Here is the tweet:



The Twitterati soon came up with hilarious responses to Bagga’s tweet, check them out below:


Did the Tantrik mention the year he’ll become PM, was it 2039?



Rahul must have had bhang before coming for the discussion.



The tantrik is making a fool out of him.



Modi and Shah could have planted the tantrik to have RaGa make a fool of himself.



The same tantrik also told RaGa to go to Parliament without underwear to increase his chances of becoming PM.



What do you think of this hug and tantrik drama, more funny takes anyone?