Comedian Radhika Vaz Hits At Women Who Aren’t Feminists And Gets Trolled Miserably

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9:30 pm 24 May, 2016


There are more definitions of ‘feminism’ than the number of women in this world. After Tanmay Bhatt and Lisa Haydon, it’s Radhika Vaz, a stand-up comedian, who sarcastically tried to explain its honest meaning.


Without understanding the essence of her statement, people compared her to ISIS.


To which she gave a badass reply!


Some people took her Tweet too personally.


‘Bitch’ doesn’t always mean a characterless woman.


Finally, Anurag Kashyap decided to speak up:


Folks, all she wanted to say is that despite the negative flak feminism seems to be getting online nowadays, if it wasn’t for feminists, a lot of the things women take for granted today would have been out of their reach.




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