‘I Am A Romantic Goddess’ Says Radhe Maa About Ram Rahim

4:45 pm 28 Aug, 2017


Controversial self-styled female guru incarnate Radhe-Maa broke her silence to distance herself from infamous Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan type of cult. Sukhwinder Kaur, who likes to be addressed as Radhe Maa, said that she was neither a guru nor a saint. “I am simply a mother and whatever happens in the world is karma and by God’s grace,” she said.

Self-styled god-woman Radhe Maa The Indian Express


When questioned about the crimes perpetuated by Ram Rahim in the name of faith, Radhe Maa declined to comment. When persisted to say something she retorted, “only God and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have the power to decide the fate of a person.

Defining Prime Minister Modi as a “king”, Radhe Maa said he is the chosen one by God and reserves all rights to punish the guilty.

Speaking to ABP Live, Radhe Maa said:

“In my view, Modi Ji is a very good king. I consider him king of the entire country…so he will take a good decision. I don’t have any right to advise anyone. This authority is of God and Modiji.”

Clarifying her stance as a god-woman, she claimed that she was unaware about what was happening in the world as she spent most of her time worshiping Lord Shiva, dancing in front of Him and giving her followers a glimpse once in a fortnight.


“I’m unaware of what’s happening in the world outside…I’m totally religious. I’m a romantic kind of Goddess,” said the controversial Radhe Maa.

The 50-year-old Ram Rahim Insaan was sentenced to 10 years in jail earlier today after being convicted for raping his two saadhvis by a special CBI court. The special court, on the orders of the High Court was convened in Rohtak Jail where the quantum of sentence was announced a little while ago.