Radhe Maa’s Cheap Dance Video Is Going Viral On The Internet

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3:34 pm 11 Oct, 2017

The judiciary restored our faith in the system after sentencing Gurmeet Singh guilty for the crimes he had been charged under. Singh’s ‘daughter’, Honeypreet, has also been taken into custody. The punishment came as a shock for the godman’s followers as it unveiled a dark truth’s about the fake godman and his gufa. Gurmeet Singh is finally behind the bars but there are many other fake godmen and women who are walking freely among us.

One of them is Raadhe Maa – the seductive godwoman who lets her devotees kiss her and calls herself “pure and pious”.


Raadhe Maa has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The last time the media talked about her was when she hijacked a Delhi SHO’s seat. People trolled her and the SHO had to face the consequences. The so-called maa is back in the news for another shocking reason.

A viral video showing Raadhe Maa doing an inappropriate dance with a man is spreading on social media like wildfire.



According to Jansatta, the video appears to have been shot a few days ago in Mumbai.

Here’s the shocking video of the so-called godwoman.


A number of cases against Radhe Maa are ongoing. The latest has been filed by a lawyer over the SHO incident.


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