Meet Sehmat Khan, The Real Life Indian Spy Played By Alia In Raazi

Updated on 24 Oct, 2018 at 7:02 pm


Alia Bhatt has given super incredible performances ever since her debut in 2012, and her role of Sehmat Khan in Raazi is appreciate by everyone. With each movie, the beautiful young talented actress is only growing better. She has given us many memorable performances like Highway (2014), Udta Punjab (2016) and most recently, Dear Zindagi (2016) featuring SRK. The natural actress has proved her mettle as a ‘character’ actor among her peers and has escalated to the likes of many acclaimed directors as well.



One such director who wanted to only cast Alia Bhatt in her latest film Raazi, was Meghna Gulzar, best known for ‘Talvar‘ (2015). The director’s latest venture was an adaptation of the book based on Harinder Sikka’s novel ‘Calling Sehmat’ and starred Vicky Kaushal as the male lead.




‘Raazi‘ is an all and out Alia Bhatt film. Right from the two and a half minute trailer, the gripping performance of the actress will want to make you sit back and watch the full story. She plays Sehmat Khan, a Kashmiri Indian spy who is married off to a Pakistani officer (played by Vicky).



Harinder Sikka, the author of the book, had met an Indian Army officer who told him about his Muslim mother, Sehmat Khan. She was the daughter of a Kashmiri affluent businessman who was sent as an Indian spy to Pakistan for providing information during the course of the 1971 war.



She was married off in this ‘spying’ trade to a Pakistani officer, in exchange for vital information for the Indian government. This dramatic story inspired Sikka so much, that he decided to write on it!


Book on Sehmat Khan

Calling Sehmat hindustantimes


He went to meet ‘Sehmat Khan’ in Maler Kotla, Punjab. His novel took an incredible eight years to complete, because of security reasons and the prospect of revealing any real names of the Indian spy and her family.



Sehmat Khan’s contribution saved many lives after she shared information on Pakistan’s plan to sink INS Virat – the turning point for the Indian government as it saved its greatest ‘sea pride’, thanks to her facilitation.



After her ‘spying operation’ was over, Sehmat returned to India, pregnant with the child of her Pakistani husband, who later grew up to be an Indian Army Officer! Her son is no longer serving, and unfortunately, Sehmat is no more.

Watch the making of this ‘must-watch’ film and don’t be surprised by Alia’s rendition as Sehmat Khan:



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