Raaj Kumar Tells Us How Indian Bureaucrats Should Be

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7:33 pm 13 Jan, 2016

There is a brilliant exchange of words between Amrish Puri and Raaj Kumar in the 1989 film, ‘Suryaa: An Awakening’. Puri plays the evil zamindaar and Raaj Kumar is the heroic Collector who is out there to make things better for the people harassed by the zamindaar.

1. This is how every bureaucrat should respond when the mai-baaps enter uninvited in the office of a public servant.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(1)


2. Only a public servant not afraid of consequences can say this.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(3)


3. No dark heart can influence the spirit of an honest officer.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(2)


4. No one can intimidate an honest bureaucrat.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(7)


5. Yes, all Collectors are not Chauhans but does that mean they should bow before injustice?


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(4)


6. The same goes for legacy.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(5)


7. Whatever be the power of those who show cruelty to innocents, the power of those on the good side is always more.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(6)


8. And this is how one should lead.


Amrish Puri vs Rajkumar(8)


If you are eager to see the two legends of cinema in action, watch this video:


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