17 Quotes Reveal What Triggered People To Quit The Damn Habit Of Smoking

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Like a lot of teenagers, you could care less about the negative aspects of smoking. Money isn’t a burden on your everyday existence and you are convinced that a quick spritz of deodorant and some gum can mask the smell pretty well. Your mum doesn’t have to know.

Smoking is fun, social and relaxing. It alleviates your stress when you have an exam the next day, soothes you when you’re heartbroken and feels perfect on a cold, rainy night. At times, it could be a best friend to your beer or simply a nostalgia to an old place or time.

But then you know what?

“Withdrawal won’t kill you,

nightmares won’t kill you,

boredom won’t kill you

Cigarettes will.”

Here are 17 quotes on what triggered people to quit smoking.

1. “I quit smoking because I didn’t want to die one second earlier – life is more fun than cancer.”- Rory George

It is. It is more fun without that dark, smokey thing.

2. Knowing I’m not in control of most of the things in my life (like, say, whether I’m hit by a bus), I know I’m in control of the decision to stop smoking and be healthier in at least one area. Been over 3 years.”

Not all is beyond your hands.

3. “I moved to Canada where they have these laws; you can’t smoke within so many feet of a doorway, no public parks, no bus stops, basically any public place. There are almost no such things as smoking patios at bars and restaurants. They are cracking down hard on smokers.”

India? Maybe we have better things to ban?

4. “I was using cigarettes as an excuse for being ‘stressed’, but then as soon as I met her, the majority of stress in my life went away. And so did the cigarettes.”

Maybe, we just need better people .


5.” I am a model. It’s pretty easy in my industry to get a hang of it. But soon I realized I was essentially paying money to poison myself and to prematurely age. Not worth it.”-Katherine

It’s funny how you spend on pre-mature ageing and then spend on anti-ageing creams.

6. “Off lately, I had no disposable income and was choosing cigarettes over food and socializing. It didn’t sound good.”-Ryan Shaw

Don’t make it your best friend. It’s not.

7. “Because Heidi told me I couldn’t kiss her anymore! That was 21 years ago. August 10 will be our 20th anniversary!”- David Kennedy

Can we say anything more than “Aww”?

8. “Honestly, bugging people to stop smoking doesn’t work. People bugged me for 12 years and then one day I just decided I don’t want to smoke anymore, and it had nothing to do with what anyone thought about me smoking.”-Serena

Only YOU need to take the first step one day.

9. “I got tired of having bad breath, stomach pains in the morning, horrible acne, and hot & cold moods.”-Vongsakda

There come a point like this. No?

10. “I knew I had to quit. My young son was getting older and was very aware. I kept putting it off because smokers are great at that. Then one day my 2-year-old picked someone’s grubby old butt up off the ground, put it in his mouth and said, ‘Look Daddy. I’m smoking too’. Heartbreaking.”-Joseph

11. “One time I was hanging out with some of my friends at the bar who wanted to go out for a smoke. I was dying for a cigarette, but I had already committed to quitting. So when I asked to join them, my friend said, “Didn’t you say you were quitting?” That statement alone immediately shut me in place, the feeling of embarrassment overpowering my desire to smoke.”-Nicholas

Talk of peer pressure in a new light?

12. “I wanted to put the money I was spending on cigarettes towards better things I could do, like travel, rather than towards an early grave.”

It’s hard earned money. Make sure your spending is well deserved.


15. “My mother was going to visit me in December. I dry cleaned everything I owned, steam vacuumed the carpets and detailed my car. She was not supposed to know about it. But even while she returned,  I was very hesitant to just give in and have the smoke smell return.”-Dan

Mums know the way!

16. “Fell in love with a girl who didn’t smoke. She didn’t pressurize me. She just said, “Smoke or don’t smoke, but quit acting like you want to stop and then buying more” I think that made me feel like a loser in front of her. I had to quit. “

For some, a little ego bashing works.


17. “I started smoking back in college thinking girls find it hot. After a couple of years, I don’t think I look hot anymore.”-Robin