10 Questions India Wants To Ask Pakistan Right Now

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2015 at 11:15 am


The purpose of this listicle is not to create any meaningless controversies or promote “Hate Pakistan” slogans. I have, personally, immense respect for Pakistan but while studying  their culture, I reached a conclusion that there are certain weird things that separate Pakistan from other countries.

Most of the questions below will question humanity and some will give a laugh ride..

Not only me, these questions revolve in every India’s mind and finally it’s time find their answers…

1.Why smoking hookah is your favorite pass-time?


Smoking hookah is not a crime but blowing away your life and health in bubbles looks senseless. And also according to the research, hookah sessions often last for an hour or more, during which hookah users inhale more smoke than chain smokers do.


2. Why is Youtube banned in Pakistan?

I have searched the entire web to find a decent answer to this question but failed. I mean. Why? Banning the phenomenon that revolutionized the internet will take away people’s freedom to voice their opinions. I wonder how Pakistan will grow and get rid of its “Developing nation” tag?



3. Why don’t you declare Donkey as your National animal?

Scanning a donkey? I guess Pakistan is so scared of terror that they suspect donkeys of carying bombs inside them. So, if donkeys are treated with so much respect and care, declaring them as the national animal is not a bad choice.

4. Why is every captain of the Pakistan cricket team scared of speaking in English?

English should be offically declared as a non-Pakistani language. We often laugh and make memes of their cricketers but PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) should train them to get their basic English-speaking skills right. As simple as that!


“Yeh English coaching classes kab start hogi?” 

 5. Why are Pakistani cricketers often penalized for ball tampering?

Cricket is a gentleman’s game but Pakistani cricketers are often booked for match-fixing and ball tampering. (Yes, some Indians do that too, but you beat us in frequency!)


6. Why is Urdu your National language?

Urdu formed from Khariboli, a Prakrit spoken in North India,by adding Persian and Arabic words to it. Around 99% of Urdu verbs have their roots in Sanskrit and Prakrit. Just get your facts right! Not only you tried to steal our heaven, Kashmir, but also our native language Urdu.


7. Why does every terrorist reside in Pakistan?

This question needs no introduction. From Osama Bin Laden to Dawood Ibrahim, all succeeded in playing hide-seek there. I completely believe “Every Khan is not a terrorist” but it is a universal fact that Muslims are connected with most of the terror blasts.

8. And yet all the Indian films on terrorism are banned there.

Indian films don’t promote terrorism, infact they provide a mutual solution to end it. We Indians are trying to end this debate since ages. At the end of the day, we all want to breathe free and banning films will not really help. Everybody has torrents!!!

9. Why are all your good- looking actors looking for work in India?

Fawad Khan’s amazing chemistry with Sonam Kapoor in ‘Khoobusurat’ proved that he is here to stay. Does that mean Pakistani actors will romance Indian actresses? Also, we have enough trash here like Sajid Khan and KRK that should be transferred to Pakistan to fill their absence.


10. Why did you kick out Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s secular ideology from your constitution?

It was Jinnah who envisioned Pakistan as a secular state. But in 1956, you became an “Islamic Republic”, officially throwing out secularism. Now I know why you are such an impudent kid – you have a habit of not following your father’s teachings.



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