JW Marriott Got Roped In Quantico Debacle And Now Indians Are Demanding To Boycott Its Hotels

1:25 pm 14 Jun, 2018


The Quantico episode that enraged the Indian audience now includes the famous luxury hotel brand JW Marriott. There’s a huge outcry among the netizens for boycotting every hotel belonging to this brand. For the uninitiated it all started when one episode of this show featured Indians as ‘Hindu terrorists’ who are trying to nuke an American city in order to frame Pakistan. Quite naturally, it led to a huge outcry among the Indians, both inside the country and the USA.

Following that the production network ABC studios apologized for hurting the sentiment of the people. After that, the actress Priyanka Chopra, who was also slammed, tendered her apology through a tweet. However, the netizens were not so easily convinced and kept on showering her with negative comments.




One among them was celebrated chef Atul Kochhar who tweeted that he is sad to see that PeeCee is not respecting the sentiments of the Hindus. Further adding that people belonging to Hinduism were terrorized by Muslims for over 2000 years. Though the tweet was deleted, here’s a copy:



It’s pertinent to mention that the chef was actually the head of Rang Mahal Indian restaurant at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel situated in Dubai. Quite naturally it infuriated the netizens of the country who reacted to his anti-Islam tweet. One of the apps providing information on restaurants even removed his eatery in protest.


Though he apologized to the audience more than once, the netizens of Dubai were not ready to forgive him easily. Unsurprisingly, many Indians stood up to support the chef and a mini battle was fought over Twitter. Here are some of the tweets:






The matter took a gigantic shape given that the internet being a weird place. Not only commenting against Kochhar, people also started boycotting this particular hotel of JW Marriott group. Finally, the hotel issued an official notice sacking the star chef.



Following this, the chef again profoundly apologized stating that he understands the decision taken by JW Marriott group. This is what he said:


‘The decision by JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is deeply upsetting, however I fully accept the great pain I have caused and the difficult position the hotel has been put in. I have great respect for JW Marriott and in particular their staff in Dubai and wish the hotel well for the future. I hope my friends and well-wishers in Dubai will forgive me and continue to support me in the future.”


As you have guessed, there is more to the story. Now, not only the Dubai based hotel of JW Marriott but the entire group is facing severe pushback from a certain section of Indian social media users. Netizens are asking people to boycott this brand especially their outlets in India. There’s even a hashtag created for the purpose ‘#BoycottJWMarriot.’ It’s done to protest against the sacking of the celebrated chef. This was first started by Anuraag Saxena, an Indian activist. Here’s what he tweeted:


Many Indian netizens were more than happy to join the wagon. There were many tweets of boycotting JW Marriott and some shared that they have canceled their bookings already. Here are the tweets:













Indeed internet is a crazy place! What started from one TV series episode has threatened the livelihood of a celebrated chef and now affecting the business of a luxury hotel group.


What do you think about it all?

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