Story Of A National Shooting Champion Who Now Sells Noodles To Make a Living

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4:36 pm 6 Dec, 2015


While there is no dearth of super-rich sports persons in India, the reality is that there are still many others who struggle to make the ends meet.

One such person is shooting champion Pushpa Gupta, who has been neglected to such a level that she is now forced to sells noodles on the streets of Vadodara.

To earn her family’s daily livelihood, Pushpa runs a Noodles Cart with her medals hanging on the sides.

She had to leave the ‘expensive’ sport as it was draining her of all her resources, and the option of continuing it further was no longer available.

Reminiscing the past, she said:

“I had joined college in 2013 and it was there that I discovered that I have skills in shooting. I joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and it supported me financially. I represented Gujarat in the sport as well. Then I started getting interested in the sport.”

Unfortunately after her NCC course got over, she could no longer continue her love for the sport as it was too expensive for her family to afford.

“After support from the NCC ended, my father told me to discontinue with the sport and start some business in order to earn living. Since then we have been selling noodles on this lorry and now it has over been one year.”

Thinking about the sad plight of her daughter, Dinesh Kumar Gupta, felt disheartened and said:


“Ever since Modi Ji has become the Prime Minister, there has been a huge stress being put on women empowerment. But, we have not received any benefit from it as of now. It is just there on the televisions and the newspapers.”

While Pushpa has not been able to pick up a rifle for a year and a half now, her father sill has not lost hope and just wants her daughter to be given the opportunity to showcase her talent and represent her country.

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