Why ‘PureMove’ Sports Bra Is Making Waves Even Before Its Worldwide Launch

4:50 pm 21 Aug, 2018


Reebok, as all girls know, is the most preferred brand when it comes to sports bras. It keeps making waves every time it uses advanced technology to make a new sports bra. The company’s unique approach has fans world over, from sportswoman to famous athletes. Reebok’s sports bras always adapt to movement which makes women comfortable. Now, after three years of intense of wait, it has finally unveiled the ‘PureMove’ sports bra.

Reebok‘s ‘PureMove’ sports bra comes with the brand’s ‘motion sense’ technology, as well as with new ‘reactive’ technology.




The brand claims it is, “a first of its kind, a technologically advanced bra that uniquely responds and adapts to movement to provide women with control and support.



The ‘PureMove’ bra’s fabric is a result of being treated with shear thickening fluid (STF) – a gel-like solution which hardens only when in motion.



The fabric hence smartly adapts to the body and movement. As a result, ‘PureMove’ sports bra gives wearers a lesser stretch even in high-impact movements or activities.



Thanks to Reebok’s ‘motion sense’ technology, the fabric easily adapts to the wearer’s body’s shape, velocity of breast tissue, and the type and force of movement.



With this sports bra, Reebok’s brand reputation has upped the scale in women’s garments. Would you believe that world-famous model Gigi Hadid also prefers it!



The ideation is to provide women with a first-of-its-kind customizable bra: which molds according to their shape and not make the chest look awkward during motion.



For realisation, Reebok worked with the University of Delaware to study breast biomechanics and finally designed a bra which suits comfort and fit at the same time.



In fact, the bra’s minimal design is its USP and it uses gel technology to change support according to the movement.



Currently, The Reebok ‘PureMove’ sports bra will be available in 10 unique size ranges: XS, XS/S, S, S/M, M, M/L, L, L/XL, XL, XL/XXL. It will be available exclusively on Reebok.com starting August 17 for $60, followed by worldwide distribution on August 30.