These 5 Punjabi Actresses Are So Good That They Can Give Tough Competition To Any Bollywood Actress

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9:30 am 24 Jul, 2018


Bollywood is considered as one of the biggest and the most popular entertainment industries of the world. Bollywood actors, actresses, directors and other leading personalities have a fan following all over the globe. Though globally Bollywood actors have a massive fan following, there are a number of entertainment industries in India that have come into being and are doing fairly well. In tune with the popularity of these regional film industries, the actors working in these industries also have a good fan following. The most noteworthy of these are Tollywood actors, Bhojpuri actresses, and Punjabi actresses.

Though the influence of Bollywood on these regional film industries can neither be denied nor ignored, these industries too have produced talents that are good enough to give a tough competition to Bollywood. Today, we are going to talk about 5 actresses of Punjabi cinema who are so beautiful and talented that they can even set Bollywood on fire. So here you go:

1. Neeru Bajwa



Neeru Bajwa is a well-known name of the Punjabi film industry. Though she hasn’t been able to grab a leading role in a Bollywood film, she has done small roles in Bollywood films ‘Hum’ and ‘Special 26’. The remarkable acting talent she displays in Punjabi films clearly shows that she is capable of making it big in Bollywood.


2. Monica Gill



Winner of Miss India Worldwide 2014, Monica Gill is a Punjabi-American actress and model. So far she has done 5 Punjabi films, 3 of which were super-hits. She has also appeared in ‘Firangi’ which marked her debut in Bollywood films. However, Monica Gill is one of the Punjabi actresses whose potential is yet to be recognized and utilized by Bollywood filmmakers.


3. Mandy Takhar




Mandy Takhar is a British Punjabi actress who has appeared in quite a few Punjabi films. Apart from Punjabi cinema, she has also showcased her talent in a couple of Tamil films. She has been seen as a sought-after actress of the Punjabi cinema owing to some serious roles she has played with utmost brilliance. Since she is a promising actress, it can be easily concluded that she is capable of making it big in Bollywood if given an opportunity.


4. Ginni Kapoor



After kickstarting her career in the Punjabi world of glamor with Preet Harpal’s song ‘Black Suit’, Ginni Kapoor has come a long way in a very short period of time. Now, she is one of the most popular faces of Punjabi entertainment industry and definitely possesses the talent of impressing Bollywood filmmakers and fans as well.


5. Sonam Bajwa



Sonam Bajwa is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names of Punjabi film industry. Apart from Punjabi films, she also did a Tamil film back in 2014. The same year, she did ‘Punjab 1984’ which was a huge commercial success. Recently, she was seen in ‘Carry on Jatta 2’ which was a blockbuster Punjabi film. However, the beauty and talent is yet to be recognized by Bollywood filmmakers.

Whom among these Punjabi actresses you think is the best?