Punjab: Father Chops Hands Of Youth Accused Of Raping His 8-Month-Old Daughter

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4:22 pm 20 Apr, 2016


Taking revenge for the alleged rape of his eight-month-old daughter, a man in Punjab’s Bhatida District chopped off both hands of the 17-year-old accused Parminder Singh.

The father of the child was awaiting justice for the ghastly crime committed against her daughter from April 2014.

Parminder Singh was allegedly caught red-handed by the rape victim’s mother, while raping their daughter and an FIR in the case registered.

The victim’s father and Parminder Singh, both residents of Kotli Ablu village, were visiting the Bathinda district courts for the hearing in the case. After the hearing, the victim’s father reportedly asked Parminder to reach a compromise and accompany him on his motorcycle to the village.

On the return, the victim’s father allegedly tied the youth to a tree and chopped off his hands below wrist with a sharp-edged weapon.


He also inflicted other injuries on the youth’s body, besides cutting off his hands.

Some villagers rushed Parminder to the Bathinda civil hospital, where his condition was stated to be critical. Dr Ajay Gupta, who treated the victim, said both his hands were chopped off and cops brought the limbs later.

A case of attempt to murder has been registered against the infant’s father.

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