Why Puneesh’s And Bandgi’s Onscreen Romance Make Viewers Irk In Disgust

4:18 pm 22 Nov, 2017


One of Indian television’s most loved show ‘Bigg Boss’ is known as much for its controversies as it is known for its entertainment factor. By providing an insight into the “real” lives of India’s most loved celebrities, the show tend to shatter all the prevalent notions that audiences harbor in their minds regarding the colorful lives of the Indian celebrities. And this season’s ‘Bigg Boss’ was no exception either.

Puneesh and Bandgi at a pool party recently arranged at the Bigg Boss house. India Today


To be honest, everyone loves to indulge in little bit of voyeurism in some point of their lives or the other. And ‘Bigg Boss’ presents us with just that sly opportunity. However, with Puneesh and Bandgi’s onscreen affair tending to become the central focal point of all attention, this little desire of taking a sneak-peak into celebrity life is somehow fading.

It is to be remembered that Puneesh and Bandgi fell in love with each other right at the Bigg Boss house. But the transformation from liking each other to becoming love-birds in the house has been more about PDA than lighthearted romance.

Puneesh and Bandgi caught off-guard. ABP Live



If you follow the show, you will know what exactly we mean to say. And for the uninitiated, here are few videos of these “love-birds” together in the show –

Part 1 : Planning something Puneesh? Follow @biggbossinsta

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Part 2 : Planning something Puneesh? Follow @biggbossinsta

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Part 3: Planning something Puneesh? Follow @biggbossinsta

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Doesn’t all these excessive show of love onscreen make you cringe? In fact, Salman Khan, too, warned them against doing much PDA, telling them how more than a hundred cameras have been fitted across the house to get a closer look at their activities. But who cares!

Have you ever wondered how will others manage to be in the house if one is ousted from it? Food for some thought, right?

While it will take a few more days to know who will be the next person to make his/her way out of the show, you can definitely share your opinion regarding the Puneesh and Bandgi chemistry right away in our comments section. Do you think so much PDA is needed? Do you enjoy that? Do let us know your views.



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