This Is How Wrong Side Driving In Pune Can ‘Kill Your Tyres’

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6:18 pm 1 Apr, 2018


In a first for India, the city of Pune recently installed “tyre killers” so as to prevent people from driving in the wrong direction.

For the unversed, “tyre killer” is a heavy duty spike barrier which prevents unauthorized entry of a vehicle on to a road.




“Tyre killers” are hydraulically operated spike barriers that act as a speed breaker for vehicles that are coming from the right side of the road and act as a spike-barrier for vehicles that try to make an unauthorized entry from the wrong side of the road.

If a car, bike or even a truck tries to cross the road from the wrong direction, these “tyre killers” will slash their tires and prevent them from moving ahead.


While they look very dangerous to the naked eye, Pune Police has assured the citizens that these barriers will not cause any accidents, and that they have taken full precaution so as to make sure accidents won’t happen.

Till now these barriers were mostly used at high-security areas so as to prevent any unauthorized entry.


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Pune is the first city to install it for controlling traffic, especially looking at how it has become a huge menace to the country.

At present, Pune police have only installed them in Pune’s Amanora Park Town, but in the future, they might be adopted in the other parts of the city as well.



We congratulate Pune Police for this amazing step to curb traffic violators and truly appreciate their effort.


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