Pune Restaurant Delivers Food Like This After Plastic Ban, And Twitterati Are Full Of Praises

4:28 pm 26 Jun, 2018


India’s second-populous state Maharashtra on June 23 introduced a ban on all plastic products. Though the plastic industry is slamming the government and calling it a ‘retrograde step,’ citizens are actually welcoming the change. The ban is not only on use but manufacturing, transporting, and distributing too. Citing environmental risks and harm to wild animals, the ban was enforced with immediate effect. The violators will be fined Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 for 1st and 2nd offense respectively. However, following that they will have to pay Rs 25,000 and can face jail time too.

The ban is also extended to disposable items like spoon, fork, and containers. Naturally, that created an issue for the restaurants during takeaway and delivery.



However, a restaurant in Pune found a way around that problem by introducing a new form of delivery containers. They started delivering food in steel lunch boxes.



They have asked the customers to return the boxes after the food is delivered. For those ordering takeaways are asked to deposit Rs 200 which is refundable after returning the box.

The owner of the hotel also said during the interview that they welcome government’s decision. However, displayed his dissatisfaction over the little time they got before the ban was imposed. The government issued a notification 3 months before implementing the ban. Here’s what he said:

‘We welcome govt’s decision as it’s in favor of the environment but they should have provided us some more time to arrange an alternative. Apps like Zomato & Swiggy have stopped working due to lack of delivery options. Customers are also facing inconvenience.’

News agency ANI tweeted this news following which the netizens started commenting. Here’s the post:



Soon people were praising the step taken by this eatery. When a user raised the question about who will wash the steel lunch boxes then others commented saying that the customers should do it. They also pointed out that cleaning the utensil before returning is a part of Indian culture. Read the conversation:



Also, here are some of the tweets which clearly show that the social media users cannot stop showering the restaurant with praises:










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