The Recent Incident On Pune-Mumbai Expressway Will Make You Question The Very Basis Of Our Humanity

4:14 pm 4 Nov, 2018


India is a vast country with a huge population. It is quite a happening nation with both good and bad things taking place every moment, every single day. And yes, as it is in any part of the world, there are always both good and bad people in our country as well. Well, while there are so many good people out there and many good things taking place every day, at times, it makes us question the very basis of our humanity when we see any undesirable thing or incident happens right in front of our eyes or at our next door. The recent tragic incident on Pune-Mumbai expressway has made us feel and question that once again.

Well, talking about the tragic incident, according to reports, a truck loaded with onions fell about 30 feet down from the Valvan Bridge near Lonavala on Pune-Mumbai Expressway in the early hours on November 1. The accident has left the driver critically injured.




Police officials reportedly said the truck driver seemed to have lost control of the vehicle resulting in the eight-wheeler colliding with the divider before taking a plunge and falling down on the old highway.

However, what is shocking to learn is that it seems local residents ran towards the spot after the accident but instead of helping and saving the critically-injured driver, they were busy collecting the onions which had fallen out of the truck. Pathetic, isn’t it?

As said, a picture speaks volumes, so here is the picture. You take a look and imagine the scene after the incident.



It seems that as the news of onion sacks scattered on the road spread, local residents came with gunny bags to collect the onions fallen out of the vehicle. The tragedy has indeed turned out to be a boon for the people living nearby.


Meanwhile, the injured driver is said to be currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital. It is also reportedly said that the Lonavla police are mulling over filing a case of theft against unidentified persons who stole the onions from the truck. Whatever, this kind of behavior is not expected from any right-thinking individuals in the society.

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