A Leopard That Was About To Drown In A Well In Pune Was Successfully Rescued In Time

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2:13 pm 19 Aug, 2016

One Sunday morning in the recent past, a farmer from Pimpalgaon Siddanath village in Maharashtra woke up to strange cries. He soon realized that these were the sounds of an animal in distress. When he went to find the source, he found a leopard stuck in his nearly 60-feet-deep well.

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The farmer quickly contacted the Forest Department, which in turn contacted the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center (MLRC) run by the Wildlife SOS Leopard Rescue Center located in Khamgaon, Maharashtra. The staff at the Center had just started feeding the 31 rescued leopards in their care when they found themselves rushing to rescue one more.

leopard rescue Pune


The terrified leopard was a four-year-old female; her frantic attempts to free herself had only exhausted her and she came precariously close to drowning that morning. Fortunately, the rescue team first made a raft out of a bunch of sticks to keep the animal afloat. They then managed to coax the weary cat into the box despite her initial fear of the contraption.

leopard rescued from well


The team, with the help of the Forest Department personnel and concerned villagers, managed to pull the terrified cat to safety. The leopard was transferred to the MLRC compound where it was examined for any injuries; it was later released back into the wild.


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