12 Quirky Public Toilets And Urinals From Around The World

10:00 am 6 Aug, 2017


Public toilets and urinals are very important, especially in a country like India, and, if possible, they should be made available at all locations for public convenience. The absence of it not only cause inconvenience to public, but the goal of total cleanliness that the country is attempting to in next few years through PM Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ or Clean India initiative will be achieved only when toilets are built and made available at all locations.

But we will not be talking about the importance of public toilets or urinal sheds or cleanliness here in this post. What we will be talking about is something very interesting – quirky public toilets and urinals from around the world!

1. Netherlands

It seems like men in Netherlands love chatting or talking to each other while they are peeing. These open urinal sheds are everywhere in Netherlands. Indeed one of a kind!



Public toilets


2. Bucharest

Peeing into a mouth? This urinal can be found in B52 Club in Bucharest, Romania.




3. Chongqing in China

This one is in a 1,000-urinal toilet complex in Chongqing, China, that celebrates bathroom culture. The complex spreads over 30,000 square feet, and the four-story public restroom features urinals shaped like curvaceous women, crocodiles and even the Virgin Mary. Crazy!




4. London

This firehouse-themed restroom is can be found in London pub.




5. Austria

Fancy urinals, Aren’t they?




6. Reykjavik, Iceland

OMG! Who are those people? Criminals? Can it get any weirder?




7. China

Seems like the Chinese believe in group hugging. Or, seems like they have no problem seeing each other’s…you know what.




8. Kenya

This is so similar to the Indian ones in the rural areas, right?




9. Seoul, South Korea

An ice gallery in Seoul has an interesting ice bathroom for the tourists. Would be interesting to use once to strike an attractive selfie with it!




10. Japan

Traditionally, Japan, like India, had a squat toilet system. But they have improved a lot and have done great development on hygienic front, and now the country has highly developed toilets with features which require no use of hands or toilet papers. Additionally, they have a brilliant sanitation system to manage the waste materials.

It is said that only 10% of the toilets in Japan are squat toilets today.




11. Malawi

It is said that the situation in Malawi is different (and better) now, and there are many well-developed toilets in the country today thanks to Sustainable Sanitation program.




12. Beijing, China

A bulletproof toilet? Nobody will dare to kill you in the toilet and you can at least do your need peacefully without any disturbance. LOL!





Credit: Hostelbookers

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