8 Psychological Tricks You Can Use On People To Get What You Want From Them

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11:30 am 11 Aug, 2018


One of the most important qualities that one needs to be a man of success is to be able to convince others or influence their minds subconsciously. The ability to influence human psyche is not a very common trait and that is why most of the people who live very unsuccessful lives are really bad at convincing others or are not able to make friends easily. This is but acquired overtime as is much more complex than what appears on the surface. This article, however, explores 8 psychological tricks you can use on people to become a better deal-maker.


1. Sound pleasant




One of the best ways to influence others in a positive way is to sugarcoat your request with a smile and a please. Human psyche does not develop in a day and is often a collection of processes, values and thoughts as we race through childhood. Essentially, you are taught to comply with any request that gets prefaced with a ‘please’; so if you are planning on getting your friends to help you with a certain task, you are better off sugarcoating it rather than issuing an order.


2. The favor effect



If you want to be friends with a person but are struggling how to go about it, then follow what Benjamin Franklin did and get that person to do you a favor. You can ask him/her to lend you a book or a CD (not money), and before you know it, you should be good friends with that person, provided you express your gratitude towards him/her. This trick works all the time and subconsciously, the other person ends up having a good opinion about you. This is one of the psychological tricks you can use on people for sure.


3. Upsell and scale back



This is a neat trick psychological tricks you can use on people. Let’s assume that you need someone to do you a small favour which he/she might or might not do. So instead of asking him/her for the same, you should ask him/her for something bigger that you know he/she would refuse outright. And after getting refused, you ask him/her for the small favour that you had initially wanted and they would gladly agree to that this time because he/she refused you once and would like to compensate.


4. Get them when they are tired



The trick here is to approach the people from whom you want a help when they are tired and their energy level is down. Usually, at this point, they are not able to think clearly and would agree to most of the favours that you would ask of them just to send you away saying they would do it later. This way, you compel them to make a commitment and later, when you ask them to do the favour, reminding them of their promise, they would try to do it no matter how inconvenient they might feel.


5. Snag and bait



When you do favours for others, small or big, they usually feel indebted and would want to return the favour at the earliest. You need to carry this out with some deftness so that it appears as if you are doing it spontaneously which is bound to impress the other person more. It’s only human nature to want to return the favour; so when you ask them for one, regardless of how difficult, chances are that they would oblige right away.


6. Flatter people



You can call it flattery or just positive reaffirmation but the fact is that everyone desires some form of validation from their immediate peers. And naturally, when you praise the actions of one person above all else, they are bound to feel more cheerful. That’s when you ask them for a small favour and if you play your cards right, they would consider the same favourably. But make sure that you allow for some time before you ask them for the favour and ensure that your praise is factual and not make believe. While everyone loves to get their ego stroked, no one would appreciate false praises.


7. Nodding



You may want to start nodding your head when others are talking, especially those with whom you hope to be friends with one day. Just nod your head at whatever they are saying and it is highly likely that they would do the same. Soon, the message that you guys share similar opinions would seep through conscious thought and you should be able to form a new relationship with that person.


8. Give them an offer they can’t refuse




Instead of asking for a large favour, you may want to start off with a small one which they cannot refuse. And then you use the small favour to demand a larger one. For example, you may want to ask them for some help with disseminating information on the dangers of littering school zones, and later on, once they have committed, you can ask them to volunteer some of their free time to clean the school compound along with creating awareness. Most of the people often agree to do so, because they have already committed to you in a certain way.

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