From A Prostitute To A Renowned Bollywood Celebrity! The Story Of This Woman Will Leave You Amazed

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6:18 pm 14 Apr, 2018


India’s entertainment industry is a unique world in its own right. There are thousands of people working in it and the story of some is so rare that even imagining about it can give us goosebumps. Such is the story of a Bollywood celebrity which we are going to talk about. She is not seen on screen often since she is not an actress, yet is a powerful personality of Bollywood.


Shagufta Rafique. Source


She started her career at a tender age of 12 as a dancer in private parties. At the age of 17, she entered the world of prostitution and 10 years later, went on to become one of the most sought after writers of Hindi film industry. She is Shagufta Rafique, a Bollywood film screenwriter.



The 57-year-old Shagufta has endured a lot of pain in the initial years of her life. There are a number of shocking facts about her life, one of which is that she does not know who her biological mother is. Her childhood passed with depending on yesteryear actress Anwari Begum.




According to a report by Amarujala, Anwari Begum gave her all the happiness and facilities but soon came a time when she became absolutely penniless. And now it was Shagufta’s turn to return Anwari Begum’s favors. She was merely 12 years old at that time.

To earn money, Shagufta started dancing at private parties. And when she turned 17, she indulged into prostitution and continued this for the next 10 years of her life to earn a living.


Mahesh Bhatt with Shagufta Rafique. Source


Shagufta once revealed that she even lost her virginity with someone she did not even know and this was one of the most traumatic experience of her life. After this, she met Mahesh Bhatt and this proved to be a turning point of her life.


Stills from films written by Shagufta Rafique. Source


Shagufta Rafique shot to fame upon joining Mahesh Bhatt’s production house Vishesh Films and wrote eleven films for the company. She has contributed her writing skills to a number of hit Bollywood films such as ‘Murder 2’, ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Jism 2’ and many more!

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