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Here Are All The Details Of Property That Sridevi Left Behind For Her Daughters Jhanvi And Khushi

Published on 28 February, 2018 at 11:28 am By

Bollywood’s legendary actress and timeless beauty Sridevi is no more and her fans are finding it difficult to accept the bitter truth even 4 days after her untimely demise. Initially, it was known that she succumbed to a major cardiac arrest but later, her autopsy report said that she died because of “accidental drowning”.




All this while, Sridevi’s fans as well as media has been speculating about the chances of her being murdered, her property being one of the primary reasons behind it. This has made people interested in knowing what her actual net worth was and what all property she has left behind.



Also, the fact that she has been the highest paid star of the industry and was even paid more than her male co-stars as a lead actress during her youth has made a lot of people curious about her property details. So here we have brought all the details about her valuable assets that are worth knowing.




According to media reports, after Sridevi’s demise, her entire property will go to her daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor and not her husband Boney Kapoor. It is believed that after her comeback in films with ‘English Vinglish’, her annual income was close to Rs 13 crore. She had a total property of Rs 247 crore which includes her lavish bungalows and luxury cars.



Sridevi was not very fond of cars but still she always went for expensive ones. She had bought 7 luxury cars with her money. The estimated value of these cars is Rs 9 crore. These include two Bentley cars as well having a value of about Rs 2 crore. Apart from these, Audis and Fords also comprise her collection. She had also bought 3 lavish bungalows having a value of close to Rs 62 crore. These include her bungalows in Versova and Lokhandwala.

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