All You Need To Know About ‘Dancer Uncle’, Internet’s New Sensation With Kickass Dance Moves!

12:03 pm 2 Jun, 2018


A video of a middle-aged man dancing at a wedding has taken the internet by storm! This professor ‘dancer uncle’ is going viral after his unique and kick ass dance moves sending everyone in frenzy. He was just a wedding guest until he became famous. You simply can’t ignore his natural flare in dancing and he’s nothing short of any Bollywood standards.




This man was simply killing it with signature Bollywood-style dance moves and goes by the name Sanjiv Shrivastav, aka Dabbu. He danced with his wife sporty Anjali at his brother-in-law’s sangeet function in Gwalior last month.

His danced on the song “Aap Ke Aajanae se” from Govinda’s movie “Khudgarz”. Have a look at his sensational moves:



His dance moves were so sensational that even Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted about it:



Sanjiv is a resident of Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) and works as an assistant professor of electronics at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in Bhopal! He’s a father of two young sons Parv (12) and Aradhya (10).



The professor’s wife Anjali Shrivastav has always supported him. He has no formal training, but has won the Madhya Pradesh dance competition during the 80s, that too for three consecutive years!



The 46-year-old professor ‘dancer uncle’ didn’t know he will get viral with his sleek moves, which could put any Bollywood actor to shame! His idol is Mithun Chakraborty.



Watch the second video from the same night of professor ‘dancer uncle’ performing on “Tamma Tamma Loge” and you’ll keep asking for more!



Here is another video for his fans in which he’s dancing to “Soni De Nakhre“, another Govinda aka Chi Chi number!



Looks like professor ‘dancer uncle’ practices all those superb moves at his Bhopal home – that’s where the ‘magic’ happens! Here’s a home video which is equally enjoyable:



And lastly, as if his dance moves couldn’t remind more of Govinda, watch his exclusive solo performance on “Aap Ke Aajanae Se” where Sanjiv was once again a crowd puller:



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