Which Profession Would You Go For? Jubanashwa Mishra Explored 28 Jobs In 28 Weeks To Find An Answer

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:36 pm


Jubanashwa Mishra is a unique man. Dissatisfied with his job as a software executive in Chennai, the 29-year-old ventured out to find a profession he would be passionate about. In his monumental quest, Mishra travelled 15,000 miles across India entering – and exiting – 28 jobs in 28 weeks. He says his attempt was to educate the people about the importance of doing a job one is passionate about instead of one dictated by archaic traditions.

1. The tea picker:

The man of many professions

2. Hardware store assistant in Nagaland:

28 Days 28 Jobs

3. Emotional support consultant in Karnataka:


4. Photographer in Haryana:

Photographer Mishra

5. River rafting guide in Kashmir:

River Rafting

6. Sundal seller in Tamil Nadu:

Groundnut Seller

7. Polyfarm worker in Uttarakhand:

28 Days 28 Jobs

8. Journalist in Manipur:

Journalist Mishra

9.  TRP analyst in Odisha:

Jubanashwa Mishra Sitting

10. Sevak in Golden Temple of Amritsar:

Golden Temple Amritsar

11. Volunteer at HIV charity in Meghalaya:

Jubanashwa 28 Jobs

12. Movie marketing executive in Maharashtra:

Sonakshi and Ranvir Singh

13. Floor host at Sikkim bar:

28 Days 28 Jobs

14. Cremation assistant in Uttar Pradesh:


28 Jobs in 28 Days

15. Pottery painter in West Bengal:

West Bengal Art

16. Motorbike mechanic in Mizoram:

Motorcycle Repair

17. Content writer in Chhattisgarh:

Computer Job

18. Pre-school teacher in Andhra Pradesh:

School Teacher

19. Data entry administrator in Jharkhand:

Mishra on his job

20. Tattoo artist in Goa:

Mishra in 28 Jobs

21. Tech advisor at e-commerce start-up in North East India:

Studying Data

22. Boat house driver in Kerala:

Kerala Houseboat

23. Marketing researcher in Gujarat:

In Gujarat

24. Hotel manager in Rajasthan:

Jubanashwa Mishra

25. Strategic consultant in Madhya Pradesh:

Mishra 28 Weeks

26. Storytelling instructor in Arunachal Pradesh:


27. Rural campaigner for contraceptives in Bihar:

Awareness Campaign

28. Mountain cleaner in Himachal Pradesh:

rag Picker