7 Things That Happen When You Get On The iPhone Bandwagon

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12:00 pm 22 Sep, 2015

Honestly, if you are still hung up on the Apple brand, you are too late dude. The unnecessary craze that began with the monopolistic Apple Inc. and their touch screen phones (and tabs) about a decade ago, now stands with one foot in Steve Jobs’ grave.

Even then, there are those with new found salaries and college admissions who might have missed the fact that they missed the hype bus. That’s how you end up changing camps from Android to Apple after buying the latest iPhone you were lusting after. If you’ll scroll further down, you’ll realize some of the things that have happened to you after getting an iPhone. And if they haven’t yet, trust me, they will.

1. Ph-renemies

Your Android-loving friends suddenly feel betrayed. Just looking at their faces sometimes makes you want to give back your iPhone. But only sometimes and especially when you have to pay for things or be branded a criminal for jail breaking the phone, that your friends take for free and for granted.



Don’t you ever talk to me. tumblr

2. Are you jeering at me?

These very friends subject you to brutal name-calling and taunting. Don’t be surprised if you are anointed with a new nickname, especially because you keep flashing your new phone as if you had a hand in creating it.



Will they ever stop? tumblr

3. What even..?

People blatantly start assuming you are filthy rich (and ask you pay up every time) just because you own an iPhone – which makes you pay up for innocuous apps, plans, songs, overly expensive chargers and bs. If you are paying for all of this, you deserve to pay your friends’ canteen bills.



4. They understand me!

You receive silent acknowledgement and a nod of respect from other iPhone owners/lovers. You don’t know whether it is acceptance or sympathy.



Welcome to our club. giphy

5. Do I even know you?

People who you barely know, come to you to have their selfies taken. You are left wondering whether you would have made a smarter decision buying a camera and a phone separately.



*Fake smiles*

6. iPhone in a party? Never.

Your phone never stays with you in a party. It travels the length and breadth of the party hall, clicking photos because “iPhone camera”. You wonder why people don’t use their own phones.



Did you see my phone? No? Okay…

7. The most painful task

Forwarding all the 764345312 images to WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp people respectively because they ping you the minute you reach home. But of course, you have left your Rs.4,999 worth charger at the party and first you need to pay for an app that sorts out your photos and you love your iPhone so much, you wonder whether you will have to pay it alimony when and if you decide to ever get a new phone again. That is, if you have any money left in your bank account even to eat two square meals a day.



Do I really, really have to do this? tumblr

These are the general social and personal consequences of owning an iPhone. But these are only seven out of so many! Tell us what consequences have you had to face since buying an iPhone?


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