23 Problems Only People Having Long Distance Relationship Can Understand

2:15 pm 2 Sep, 2018


Every relationship, no matter how perfect, will have its own share of problems. Long distance relationship not only gets some extra dose of problems but also bring about some unique situations that happen when life partners are not living together. It is not that long distance relationship is all thorny path because it does have some plus points as well. Today, let us check out some long distance relationship problems that couples face.


1. After a hard day’s work, when you want to feel the warmth of your loved one’s body next to you, all you see is a single bed and lonely night.



2. Weekends are much worse, because you do not feel like having fun time alone.




3. When you live in different time zones, it is difficult even to have a good video chat.



4. With Digital India still going through birthing labors, skype, facetime or any other video chat just sucks.



5. You miss out the fun of wedding anniversaries, birthdays or milestones achieved by your children. All you get is images and pictures which touches your heart and makes you yearn to be there even more.



6. Cooking can get on your nerves when you cook for yourself for long.



7. You miss your home food.



8. When you walk back from your office with a headache, there is no one to offer you a cup of tea with love.



9. Watching movies, games and other programs is not as interesting as it is when you do it with your family.



10. When your partner doesn’t pick up the phone, you panic imagining the worst things that could have happened at home.



11. Unlike regular married couples, you do not have a regular sexual outlet for your desires.



12. No matter how much of emotional connection you share, lack of physical intimacy is hard to bear.



13. After an argument with your significant other hangs up on you, it can be very frustrating since you are so far away and there is nothing you can do about it.



14. You don’t get the support of your loved one holding your hand when you are afraid, sad or sick.



15. When you feel the love gushing through your heart and want to kiss your spouse, you may have to do with the picture you have. Not quite the right way but something is better than nothing.



16. You miss all that sensuous looks your partner throws at you when you look hot.



17. There is no sharing of inside jokes. Somehow, it doesn’t sound the same over the phone.



18. Resolving issues is more difficult when you are in a long distance relationship. Most of the times problems are kept aside to be solved when together, thus spoiling even the little time spouses share.



19. Loneliness can be killer of your happiness which you feel gnawing at your emotions.



20. Insecurity and jealousy can creep in, spoiling the relationship if not handled properly on time.



21. Life seems to be like a waiting game forever.



22. Fidelity becomes a big question.



23. Even when together, you dread the day when you have to part again, making both of you miserable.



But as they say, true love wins over anything, so what big challenge can be a long distance relationship?



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