15 Problems You Face If You Try Going Green

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10:00 am 4 Feb, 2016

Going green means to pursue ways that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, thereby helping to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current as well as future generations. However, there can arise some problems while doing so.

Here is a list of these problems:


1. Individual attempts appear less in front of a community

We don’t think our actions will make any difference. Changing a lightbulb will not save the planet. Using a cloth bag will not save the planet. So we don’t try earnestly.


2. Poor availability of eco-friendly products

As opposed to the abundance of non- eco-friendly products, eco-friendly products are very rarely available. And the ones which are available are too costly to afford.



3. Organic foods are labeled wrong

Some products are labeled environmental friendly and chemical free, despite being neither. A liter of organic milk, for example, can require up to 80% more land to produce than regular milk.


4. Water conversation is hard in a developing country

The problem with water conservation is the lack of proper drainage and sewage disposal systems and lack of arrangements like rain-water harvesting.



5. Electric cars aren’t as environment friendly as you’d think

It might be useful in saving fuel but the manufacturing process for green vehicles is more polluting than an average gas-guzzler. Also, what if its battery goes down in the middle of a journey? There are no charging stations available on Indian roads.


6. People don’t dump garbage properly

Even if people dispose garbage separately as biodegradable and non-biodegradable, there is no proper waste dumping system. The garbage is most often found on the roads.



7. Lifestyle issues

Our times are so addicted to technology and its perks that all our life functions revolve around electronics, which cannot be compromised easily.



8. Carpools aren’t convenient

The practical difficulties like different office timings and varied end points make it extremely tedious for an individual to pool his/her car often.



9. Growing your own food is not doable

With the kind of a busy life we live, it is not possible to look after something like a kitchen garden.



10. Planting trees is a challenge

Due to the scarcity of land, there is hardly any scope for any kind of big tree planting.



11. Getting local produce is tough and costly

By buying locally grown products, one can reduce one’s carbon footprint. However, there are very less or no items available at some places.



12. Lack of garbage bins leads to littering

Lack of proper dustbins at every interval has made roads an easy option for people to litter the trash.



13. There is lack of awareness among the common masses

Even if one tries to create awareness, people are too blasé to care.



14. It’s impractical to stop using technology all-together

Avoiding the use of appliances like refrigerators or air-conditioners is impossible because of the extreme temperatures.



15. Open sale of products such as plastics in multiple forms

Customers use it since no one provides them with alternatives like paper or jute.



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